Getting Started With Resumes

A summary of your career

No two resumes we’ve ever created look identical, from the email address to the experience. For a potential employer, each candidate brings different knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience to the table. However, there are proven practices you can utilize to make your resume stand out in both content and design.

Here are the most common resume elements we work with:

  • Name

  • Contact Information

  • Skills & Competencies

  • Professional Experience

  • Educational Experience

  • Volunteer Experience

  • Highlights

  • Objective Statements or Personal Summaries

  • Awards, Honors & Certifications

  • Activities & Hobbies

  • References

There are only a few of these elements that we recommend using consistently, which is what we will primarily cover throughout this course. However, we will also include small notes when alternative or supplemental sections can be added.

Although resumes are used for thousands of different industries and millions of different jobs, you will find there are some consistencies among them. In order to help you showcase your best career summary, we’ve included our custom-designed tailored resume templates in this course, which have helped job seekers all across the country land their dream jobs faster.

Let’s get started!