Resume Design & Details

Equally as important as content.

Yes, it’s true. Recruiters are spending on average 6 seconds looking over your resume. That means you have a few blinks of the eyes to make an impression. Your design and formatting of this document is important!

We have seen resumes with supreme design, but no details on the candidate. We have also seen resumes which are almost dizzying to look at but have amazing content that could land them a job offer in under a day.

A solid resume has concise and targeted content blended with great design.

Some important things to consider

  • Your resume should guide their eyes to what is the most important

  • Your resume should be split into easy to identify sections

  • Your resume should have no more than two easily readable fonts

  • Your resume should have consistent formatting

  • Your resume should have no more than two calm accent colors

You do not have to be a design guru to be able to pull together a great resume. Consistency in spacing, sizing, font and color can have a huge impact on how professional (or unprofessional) your resume looks.

Downloadable Resume Templates

We don’t want to leave you guessing on how exactly to format your resume (and cover letter - more details coming up next on that). We’ve provided original templates created by the Elarie team. These are our best designs that have worked time and time again helping our clients land their dream jobs!

How to download our templates:

  1. Click the yellow button below to head to our Template Drive

  2. Click through each of the folders to take a look at our templates. Each contains a 1 page resume Word template, 2 page resume Word template, and cover letter Word template

  3. There is one option in Pages format in case you have a Mac and don’t have Word!

  4. Right click on each of the documents to download them and you’re all set!

    Note: Your resume and cover letter only need to follow one template, so don’t feel like you have to download all of them. Just pick which one suits you and your experience the most!