Objective Statement & Personal Summary

When do you use an Objective Statement or Professional Summary?

At Elarie Consulting, we generally stay away from Objective Statements and Professional Summaries. As we see it, your resume is already a brief summary of your work history.

The exceptions to this are job seekers fresh out of school with limited work experience or those who are gearing up for a big career transition.

One pitfall of Objective Statements or Professional Summaries is they frequently become a crutch for job seekers. Some people put all of their efforts into a few sentences and barely construct the meat of the resume, the experience.

So what can you do instead?

Before you delete this section altogether, carefully review it to see if there are any pieces you can add to your cover letter or introductory email. This way you can still say what you need to say but in the right context.

If you decide to keep your Objective Statement or Professional Summary, here are some things to consider:

  • Include accomplishments that illustrate your fit into your future role

  • Use numbers if possible

  • Discuss what you will bring to the organization, not what you want from the organization