Educational Experience

There’s a time and a place

If you are a recent graduate or are looking for a drastic career change, you may want to consider what is hiding in your educational experience.

When we talk about educational experience, we mean specifically detailing out your educational pursuits or history - not simply listing your degree, we’ll get in to that later.

This may come in to handy if you are in an educational role or research based career.

When should I list my educational experience?

Do not go into detail unless it’s pertinent to your field, or if you’re fresh out of school (research paper and you’re trying to get a lab job)

  • Am I fresh out of school?

  • Did I publish any works during my education?

  • Am I applying for research based work?

When writing out descriptions for your educational experience, you still want to showcase what you accomplished. Remember: Consider a specific problem, situation or challenge in your work. What did you do to improve upon that problem, situation or challenge? What was the outcome of how you improved? Is it possible to show what you did in some sort of quantity or metric?
— Elarie Tip