Education & Certification

Outshine your competition

Whether you’re a Harvard educated MBA graduate or recently completed your GED, there are certain ways to list out your education on your resume to use to your advantage!

If you are listing out educational experience, you may not need to list out your degrees and certifications separately. However, we do feel a concise, simple and clean section for your education & certifications may add a lot of value to your resume. It helps during the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) review and the 6-second review.

Here are some examples of how to list your education:


Helpful tips when listing out your education and certifications:

  • If you have a higher education degree, do not list your high school.

  • If you are in the process, instead of year, just write “In Process” or “Expected Graduation Date” if it’s nearby (within 18 months)

  • If you started a degree 10 years ago that you don’t have any intention of finishing any time soon, don’t list it on there

  • If you have finished a degree, list degree level, the major, the school, year (city and state if you need to fill space)

  • If you have no college or trade school experience, you can list your high school

  • If you have certifications, follow a similar writing format as education

  • If you have a lot of certifications, only list out the ones that are relevant or pertinent to the job you're applying for

The bolded text on top helps draw the reader’s eye to your qualifications. If you are currently in process of a degree or certification, simply put the anticipated date of completion at the bottom. If you have a degree that is partially completed with no intention of completing, consider leaving it off of your resume.
— Elarie Tip