Applying to Jobs

There are dozens of different ways to apply for jobs, and unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how you’re going to land your next role.

But, there are ways to improve your chances of getting an interview for a position you’ve only dreamed of in the past.

When applying for jobs, there are many resources you can use to find them:

  • Job boards (Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, GlassDoor, etc.)

  • LinkedIn

  • Company websites

  • Internally (At the organization you currently work)

  • Contacting your University

  • Through recruiters

  • Referrals (At organizations a person you know works or has worked)

  • Job fairs

With all of the options, it is easy to get excited about a number of opportunities - and you should! But we do heed caution to those tempted to apply to every position.

In our experience, recruiters are souring for multiple positions and may see you mass applying, which can come off as desperate. It also lets people know you do not have a particular type of position in mind, which could mean you will jump ship soon after starting with an organization.

Additionally, if you are mass applying to a variety of different roles, you will need a variety of different resumes. Each resume should be targeted for the role you are applying for - that goes for cover letters, too.

Make sure when you’re done updating your resume and cover letter that you save them as PDF documents and upload them to applications ONLY as PDF’s whenever possible. This will ensure that the formatting, design, and content of your documents will stay consistent.
— Elarie Tip

But what’s really the best way to apply for a job and land an interview?

Out of all of the ways we’ve discussed landing a job, the best way is to give your resume to someone within the company or directly to a recruiter.

Here’s a template you can use to send to a recruiter either via messenger on LinkedIn or email:

Hello (their name),

My name is (your name) and I see that you work in Talent Acquisition at (company). I found and applied for an amazing opportunity with (company name) as (job title). I would love the chance to discuss how my extensive background in (your expertise) would fit perfectly at (company name). I have attached my resume to this message for further insight as well. Is there a good time for us to discuss how I might be a good fit for the position? Or, if you have any other recommendations on how to move further in this job search process with (company name), please let me know!

Thank you so much,
(Your name)

If you don’t hear back from your job application or the recruiter after 10-14 days, feel free to send a follow up message as well. Here’s another template you can use:

Hello (their name),

Just wanted to reach out to see if the (job title) with (company name) was still available and if you were still considering candidates. As I mentioned, I am extremely interested and would love to learn more about the position or answer any questions you may have about my experience.

Thank you,
(Your name)