Prepare Your Interview Strategy


Prepare Your Interview Strategy


✓ Step-by-step outline of how to properly dress for any type of interview, and what etiquette rules you should always follow

✓ How to craft your elevator pitch that will essentially be the key to answering even the toughest interview questions

✓ Working through the most common interview questions and detailing out your answers ahead of time so you can walk in with confidence

✓ Knowing exactly what questions to ask during your interview, so you can leave hiring managers feeling impressed

✓ How to navigate any illegal interview questions that come your way and exactly what you should say if you hear them

✓ Easy to follow strategy with following-up after the interview to keep your presence at the forefront of their mind

Bonus Content:

✓ Send us your completed Interview Preparation Workbook from the program and we’ll offer personalized suggestions on how to make your answers even better!

✓ Download guides and worksheets on how to dress for every type of interview, crafting your elevator pitch, strategy to answering any tough interview question, and email templates for following-up!

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Program Outline


Module 1
Interview Attire

Module 2
Interview Etiquette

Module 3
Your Elevator Pitch

Module 4
Interview Questions
1. Top Interview Questions & Answers
2. Questions You Should Ask
3. Navigating Illegal Interview Questions

Module 5
Following Up After an Interview