Create a Job Search Strategy and Build Your Network

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Create a Job Search Strategy and Build Your Network


✓ Understand how to find jobs that you're a perfect fit for - easily

✓ Navigate through complex applicant tracking systems so your resume doesn't end up being rejected

✓ Figure out where exactly your dream jobs are hiding and how to find them

✓ Understand how to read a job description and tailor your resume to make you an obvious choice for an interview

✓ Apply to jobs with our proven method of actually hearing back from the company

✓ Network and expand your reach within your circle to take advantage of opportunities you didn't even realize existed

Bonus Content:

✓ Download worksheets to help you build your Career Roadmap and guide to networking!

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Program Outline


Module 1
Starting Your Job Search

Module 2
Applicant Tracking Systems

Module 3
Where To Look for Jobs

Module 4
Understanding Job Descriptions

Module 5
Applying to Jobs

Module 6
Networking to Further Your Career