Create and Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile


Create and Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile


✓ Finally understand exactly how LinkedIn works and why it's so important to your entire career path

✓ An introduction to LinkedIn Learning to help you fill in any gaps in your skills or certifications that may be holding you back from certain positions

✓ Step-by-step guide on building out an incredible LinkedIn profile that will get noticed by recruiters - even before you reach out to them

✓ What to share on the social platform and how to use this networking tool to your advantage

✓ Outlined steps towards applying to jobs on LinkedIn - and the exact scripts to use to contact recruiters to actually get them to respond

Bonus Content:

✓ Send us your completed LinkedIn profile and we’ll offer personalized suggestions on how to make your profile more noticeable to the right people!

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Program Outline


Module 1
General LinkedIn Info
1. How Does LinkedIn Work?
2. LinkedIn Stats
3. The Levels of LinkedIn
4. LinkedIn Learning

Module 2
Settings & Privacy

Module 3
Building Your LinkedIn Profile
1. Picture & Cover Photo
2. Headline
3. Summary
4. Contact Information
5. Highlights
6. Articles & Activity
7. Professional Experience
8. Education
9. Volunteer Experience
10. Skills & Endorsements
11. Recommendations
12. Accomplishments
13. Interests

Module 4
Socializing on LinkedIn
1. Making Connections
2. LinkedIn Groups
3. Sharing on Your Feed

Module 5
Applying to Jobs on LinkedIn