Elarie Consulting is proud to announce a
collaborative and educational partnership with the
MACK Youth Foundation to bring a specialized
Career Assistance Program to Detroit's youth.

MACK Youth Foundation

The Maurice AC Kirkwood Jr., Foundation (MACK Youth Foundation) was founded in memory of Maurice who was senselessly shot and killed in late 2015. Maurice was a second year college student who was working his way through college and living on his own. He grew up in a middle-class, two parent household in Metro Detroit and was blessed to have many opportunities as he was growing up. In his honor, the MACK Foundation wanted to ensure that his murder was not the final story.

It is the mission of the MACK Youth Foundation to empower and inspire our youth to become future leaders of tomorrow, by providing them with the skills, opportunities, and knowledge to change their future.

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Elarie Consulting's Career Assistance Program

The purpose of this program is to provide assistance to high school students in achieving their career goals and aspirations, and engage students in activities they will be performing in the real world. This program includes guidance and assistance on resume writing and design, cover letter creation, and mock interviews. Throughout several sessions, students will learn about best practices for resume writing, cover letter creation, networking, how to apply for jobs, how to prepare for an interview and how to answer the most commonly asked interview questions.

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Overview of the Career Assistance Program


Session 1
Resume Writing

  • Identify a career path for each student to use throughout the sessions to build their resumes
  • Construct educational and work experiences (as applicable) to describe accomplishments and
  • contributions using action verbs
  • Identify transferrable skills that can be used to illustrate those skills needed for specific job
  • activities
  • Understand the appropriate applications for objective statements
  • Design basic but effective resumes and cover letters

Session 2
Job Searching & Networking

  • Knowledge to construct an effective Cover Letter or Introduction Email
  • Basic skills to approach recruiters via email, phone or at job fairs
  • Knowledge to construct an effective LinkedIn page
  • Knowledge of how to utilize LinkedIn to build their professional network throughout their
    professional or educational career
  • Understanding of the job application process, including Equal Opportunity Employment

Session 3

  • Knowledge of what to wear to an interview including colors, patterns, clothing types
  • Basic grooming skills including hair, nails, perfume/cologne and make-up
  • Understanding of what to bring to an interview
  • Knowledge of interview etiquette including arrival time, what to do in case of emergency or if you
    are lost
  • Creation of an Elevator Pitch for each student
  • Understanding of how to answer some of the most common interview questions

Session 4
Mock Interview Exam

  • Have a functional understanding of the logistics of an interview
  • Have experience interviewing with a recruiter
  • Understand the best practices for resume writing, job searching, networking and interviewing

How can you get involved and help us make the Career Assistance Program an ongoing success?

The MACK Foundation is a 501(c)3 Corporation. All donations to the MACK Foundation are tax deductible.

We are always looking for more opportunities to bring
the Career Assistance Program
to the students who need it most! 

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