Sharing on Your Feed

Getting social

Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a space where you are encouraged to be social with your connections and expand your network. To really maximize your potential on the platform and help in your job search, there are a few things you can do to promote your professionalism on the platform.

Share industry related news

One of the top priorities for your LinkedIn strategy should be sharing posts that are relevant to your industry as this shows your followers and potential customers that you're up to date on the latest happenings and trends.

This news can be anything that impacts the lives of your potential customers - try to make your brand the go-to source for industry updates. Feel free to share simple links to articles that discuss industry news, or hit the “share” button on someone else’s post to push it out to your own network.

Write and Post articles

We briefly spoke about this earlier in the course, but LinkedIn is also a platform where you can post longer form articles relevant to your experience. The article section of LinkedIn is essentially a blogging platform where anyone can write and publish articles which are then distributed among your network, giving you a great opportunity to boost exposure amongst LinkedIn's professional audience.

Share your company culture

Even though you may be job searching, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the place that you work at isn’t doing great things. If your company is also active and posts content for their employees to share on LinkedIn, or has a policy where you are able to share some behind-the-scenes moments at work, these tend to do very well on the platform.

The key is remembering to keep things professional and work appropriately on LinkedIn. You may see others who are posting things that you may not find as appropriate, but LinkedIn is a platform that you’re using to connect with others during your career. Don’t post or share anything that you may be embarrassed about having to explain later!

Here’s a quick walkthrough video on how to share content on your LinkedIn profile.