Settings & Privacy

How Public Are You

Your public profile displays a simplified version of your LinkedIn profile, but you can customize your public profile settings to whatever level and areas of what you want to showcase. To access your Settings and Privacy area, just click on the drop down arrow next to “Me” when you log into LinkedIn, and you’ll find “Settings & Privacy” that will take you to this area.

I’m worried my company is going to see I’m job hunting!

With regards to your current employer seeing something related to employment searching, here's what is important to remember:

Here's what is visible to people on LinkedIn who are connections with you:

  • Your Profile 

  • Anything you post or comment on that shows up in your LinkedIn Feed

What isn't visible to people on LinkedIn (unless they are a recruiter who is paying for a certain level of LinkedIn access and are actively looking for candidates - i.e., the company is currently hiring):

  • Personal messages that you send to people

  • Your switch of 'yes, I am looking for career opportunities' - this is only visible to you and recruiters who are looking to hire you

The act of updating your LinkedIn profile doesn't signify to anyone that you're looking for a job. It simply just means you're updating your profile. Likewise, no one has access to your messages but you. They cannot see that you've applied to jobs, messages that you've sent, or really any of the internal efforts that are made.

If you typed out in your summary or in a post something like "Actively looking for opportunities" or something to that nature, then yes - it would be obvious that you're looking for work. Otherwise, no one will be triggered or notified that you're doing anything different than you normally do with the platform.

But how can I make sure people aren’t paying attention to my updates?

If you want to cover your tracks even more - before you get started updating your profile - go to:

  • Settings & Privacy

  • Click 'Sharing Profile Edits'

  • Make sure this is on 'No'

This will ensure that no one will even notice when you've made these updates, started following companies, etc. LinkedIn really does do a pretty good job of blocking as much of your activity when job searching from your original employer, but it can only control what to block based on what is on your profile and matches information that is similar to someone else's profile. The odds of someone actively noticing that your career opportunities tab is turned on, is pretty slim, so you shouldn't stress about it. The Recruiter level access on LinkedIn is extremely pricey, and unless your company is doing some heavy hiring, it should be fine. 

What if someone at my company notices my career interests turned on, and asks me about it?

if you're worried that someone does find out and asks why you have it on, you can simply say:

"I must have switched this on by accident.”

The career interest setting only stays on by default for 6 months, at which time LinkedIn will automatically turn it off for you.

We suggest taking some time to first look closely over your Settings and Privacy area before you make any updates or additions to your profile, so you can be sure that when you’re done building out your LinkedIn, it’s visible to the public in the way you’re most comfortable with.

Here’s a quick walkthrough video on how to access the Settings & Privacy area of your LinkedIn profile.