Just like old-school references

The recommendations area on LinkedIn is a powerful space that shows up right below your skills and endorsements. Just like traditional references that you would give to a hiring manager at a job interview, recommendations are a quick way for recruiters to see how someone else views your talents and character.

Once you’ve filled out your profile, we always suggest implementing a plan towards reaching out for some recommendations. If there are people who can speak specifically about projects or your growth within a role, these do go a long way when recruiters are looking for specific examples about your work history.

The easiest way to gather recommendations? Simply click the “ask for recommendation” link near this area on your profile, and select the people you think would be mostly likely to write you a small review. Many people think this is asking too much, or get worried that someone may write something negative about them. In our experience, this has never been the case and people either tend to ignore the request to write a recommendation - or more often, actually list a great one!

However, the best chance of getting a recommendation is by giving one! Write down 5 people that you’d love to give you a recommendation, and give one yourself before asking.

Here’s a quick walkthrough video on how to navigate the Recommendations area of your LinkedIn profile.