Show off your personality

The interests area is located at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile and shows six main interests for someone to see, with a link option for readers to view more.

LinkedIn will add these specific things to your interests area:

  • Any colleges or universities that you’ve attended, if you correctly linked them when filling out your educational area on your profile

  • Any company or organizational pages that you “follow” on LinkedIn

  • Any groups that you actively participate in on LinkedIn

When you’re actively job seeking, this is an important area of your profile. At the very least, we always recommend that you make sure to follow any company that you’re applying to on LinkedIn, as long as they have a company page. Recruiters and hiring managers may end up checking this area to see if you’re really interested in what the company has to say outside of just applying to the job!

Here’s a quick walkthrough video on how to follow company pages on LinkedIn.