How Does LinkedIn Work?

Your Real Time Resume

When you’re on LinkedIn, real people are looking at your education, experience, and abilities on a daily basis.

This is why it’s extremely important that you’re putting the right information out there and in the best light possible.

Like many people on LinkedIn, you may be on it for the abundance of opportunities. Even with the basic (free) account, LinkedIn can be a great resource for connecting with industry professionals and recruiters alike.

If you don’t currently have a LinkedIn profile, you can sign up by clicking here.

It’s important that you use a professional email (or whichever one is displayed on your current resume) when creating a LinkedIn profile. Your notifications, messages, and communication between connections will all land in this email, and makes it easier to keep things in the right professional place when utilizing the platform.

So how does LinkedIn work?

LinkedIn operates on a similar level as Facebook. You’re connected with specific people, you can like and comment on their stories and pictures, you can post your own content, and you have a “feed” or homepage where you see all of this information.

However, depending on how your Facebook settings are listed, you may not necessarily see a lot of the other content that the friends of your friends are liking or posting. On LinkedIn this is not the case. If someone in your network likes or comments or shares your post, everyone in their network is now going to see it. Likewise, if you like or comment or share something from someone in your network, everyone else in your network is going to see that as well. This makes LinkedIn far more vast, and much easier to connect with key people. 

Additionally, you can tag people in posts that you create on your LinkedIn profile. Unlike Facebook, you don’t necessarily have to be friends or connected with people when you tag them. This can be great if you’re looking for specific insider advice (sort of like Twitter), but be careful using this. Don’t just start calling people out - keep things professional and respectful. 

Here’s a breakdown of the linkedin network

Let’s say you are on LinkedIn and you posted a status. You have three people in your network that see it and give it a Like. Now their network will see them liking your post. If any of their network also Likes your post, the pattern continues. This is how far the LinkedIn network grows, making it easy to find the right connections that can help you achieve career success!

LinkedIn Map.png
If you tag people in your post, their network will automatically see it. That could mean an additional audience of 500+ people. But just make sure tagging them is adding value for them as well. Don’t just do it for yourself or you could end up on the wrong side of success.