The most overlooked section

By default, LinkedIn will place your most recent job or educational status as your Headline. This is the area directly underneath your profile picture that is listed in a light grey text. Many people aren’t even aware they can change this area on LinkedIn, which is why you see this default listing so frequently.

It’s important to think of your headline like the title of an ad. Is this going to entice the reader to keep moving down your profile and learn more about you? Depending on the default headline that LinkedIn gives you, maybe - but also, maybe not.

Here’s how we suggest going about tackling your headline:

Profession/Job Title + Keywords

Your line of work, profession or job title makes you immediately relevant for a recruiter to see if it’s worth learning more about what you and if they are hiring along the lines of what you can offer.

Keywords are the areas that actually make you more searchable when people are typing ideas into LinkedIn. Maybe your profession or job title is Copywriter - what is something else you can tell someone landing on your profile that makes you the best or stand out?

Copywriter specializing in crafting viral web content

It’s completely up to your preference how verbose you want to be in this area. Many of our job seekers tend to just leave this headline area as their profession and job title - but if you’re willing to get a little crafty with it, we say go ahead!

Here’s a quick walkthrough video on how to edit the Headline area of your LinkedIn profile.