Professional Experience

Snapshots of your history

When it comes to writing out your professional and job experience on LinkedIn, you’ll find that it’s very similar in format to writing a resume. You have the ability to list out:

  • Job Title

  • Company name (and if they have a LinkedIn profile, connect it to their page)

  • Dates of employment (or if you’re still working there)

  • City and State it’s located in

  • Description of your Experience

  • Any “media” attachments such as a images or links that supplement your work history

Our best suggestion for writing your job experience on LinkedIn is to match what’s listed on your current resume. Ideally, your resume will have this experience listed out in bullet points (which you can do by hitting the enter key and mimicking this on LinkedIn), or place it into a paragraph type of format.

Recruiters are essentially using this area on LinkedIn to not only take a look at your profile, but to also verify that the information that you have listed on your resume matches what is on here as well. This is why it is extremely important to make sure your dates of employment and descriptions line up!

Remember, your resume should be more targeted for a specific job you are applying for. However, since the purpose of your LinkedIn profile is to be viewed by many users, you can make your experience here a little broader. Be careful to become too broad, as you should still be looking for specific types of roles within a certain industry.

Here’s a quick walkthrough video on how to edit your professional experience on your LinkedIn profile.