Applying to Jobs on LinkedIn

Follow our formula

When it comes to applying for jobs either on LinkedIn or when you at least have a LinkedIn profile, we have a formula that has worked time and time again for our previous clients.

Note: These steps apply to companies that have LinkedIn profiles - most do.

Step 1: Apply to the job

However you have found the job posting, make sure to read through it carefully and apply to the job in whatever traditional way it has suggested - clicking the Apply link, emailing someone directly, etc.

Don’t forget to make sure to update your resume and cover letter and save them as PDF copies before sending them off! Need to get those documents looking perfect? Hop on over to our Resume & Cover Letter course by clicking here!

Step 2: Follow companies on LinkedIn

For every company that you’ve applied to or will be sending off an application, make sure to follow their company LinkedIn profile.

Step 3: Reach out to recruiters

After you apply to these positions, you'll then need to reach out to internal recruiters within the company that may have a say-so in the hiring decision of the position you applied to. The easiest way to do this is to:

  • Type the company name in the search box at the top of your LinkedIn profile

  • Click “see all employees” on the company profile

  • Filter your search by Title with the titles of either “recruiter” or “talent acquisition”

  • Look through each of the profiles that pop up, and see which ONE person would be the best to contact. Things to look for are if they have listed out what areas they are responsible for hiring for, their location, and if they’re active on LinkedIn

  • Take note if they have in their Summary or job description if they don’t prefer to receive messages via LinkedIn and possibly have their email address listed directly in this area

If you are doing a lot of searching at this point, it may be a good time to opt-in to that 30 day free trial of the Premium LinkedIn subscription. This is because your search results will start to diminish after a while and LinkedIn limits your search results on a monthly basis with the free platform. The Premium level will allow you to search freely!

Step 4: Send the recruiter a message

We’ve put together a simple message that you can send off to recruiters that seems to work. Fill in the details as it pertains to you and personalize as you see fit!

Hello (their name),

My name is (your name) and I see that you work in Talent Acquisition at (company). I found and applied for an amazing opportunity with (company name) as (job title). I would love the chance to discuss how my extensive background in (your expertise) would fit perfectly at (company name). I have attached my resume to this message for further insight as well. Is there a good time for us to discuss how I might be a good fit for the position? Or, if you have any other recommendations on how to move further in this job search process with (company name), please let me know!

Thank you so much,
(Your name)

Step 5: Follow-up

If the recruiter messages you back, keep the conversation going showing your gratitude and appreciation for their time. Recruiters often receive 100’s of messages a day, and the good ones are out there really to help you - but it’s important to be responsive and professional.

If you haven’t heard from the recruiter or the job posting over 10-12 days, feel free to send another message along these lines:

Hello (their name),

Just wanted to reach out to see if the (job title) with (company name) was still available and if you were still considering candidates. As I mentioned, I am extremely interested and would love to learn more about the position or answer any questions you may have about my experience.

Thank you,
(Your name)

And that’s it when it comes to applying to jobs on LinkedIn! Just rinse and repeat this process for each job you apply to.

Here’s a walkthrough of this completely process on the LinkedIn platform.