Articles & Activity

A peak into your habits

The box that shows up right before people can dive into your experience and education is your Articles and Activity. This is a box of your most recent activity including posts you’ve liked or commented on, articles you have Shared or sections on your LinkedIn you may have updated. This area usually shows the last six activities, with an option to view more activity if someone so chooses to see it.

While you may think at first this is a bit much for LinkedIn to be sharing on everyone’s profile, there are a few advantages to this when making connections. This information can be a big help in building your personal and professional relationships, as you’re able to review a connection’s activity and personalize a message with areas such as:

  • Asking them about something they read or recently liked

  • Suggesting books, articles, and other resources they like

  • Asking them about their recent connections and seeing if they can help refer you to other people

  • Congratulate them on a new job and talk to them about their new responsibilities.

  • Join the same or similar groups to similar connections

However, if you’re concerned about the notion of others being able to see certain Activity on your profile, you can delete specific areas in a few easy steps. Click here to view LinkedIn’s suggestions on how to delete specific areas of Activity.

Here’s a quick walkthrough video on where exactly your Activity section is located on your LinkedIn profile.

How do I write an article?

When you head to the home feed area of your LinkedIn profile, you’ll end up seeing a box such as the one below:


And by clicking on “Write an article” you can do exactly that! If blogging or providing educational content to people on LinkedIn is something you want to start actively pursuing, this is a great place to easily share your content to your connections, their connections, and people searching LinkedIn. Articles are shared often on the platform, and can be an easy way to make connections with others within your industry and help you stand out as a leader.

Of course, all of this is subject to your personal sharing preferences and what you really want to utilize the LinkedIn platform for. In Module 4, we’ll get into this a little bit more and go through some more details on how to actually become active with your LinkedIn profile.