Your special achievements

The Accomplishments area in LinkedIn is broken up into a few different areas:

  • Publications that you have listed

  • Patents to showcase innovation and expertise

  • Coursework from your prior or continuing education

  • Projects that speak to specific job experiences

  • Honors and Awards that you have received

  • Test scores to show how well you did on a specific exam

  • Languages and your speaking proficiency

  • Organizations to show your involvement within your community

Showing off any Accomplishments as it is relevant to your career story is an amazing way to really enhance your LinkedIn profile. While all of these areas listed above may not be relevant to you, there may be a few that would really make your profile stand out. Likewise, this is often where we tell people to add those additional components about your experience that you may not have been able to fit or express on your resume.

Here’s a quick walkthrough video on how to add Accomplishments to your LinkedIn profile.