Interview Attire

What to Wear

Dressing for interviews can be a make or break moment for candidates. The first impression you make when arriving on-site says a lot. Because of this, it is critical to wear the appropriate attire for your interview. This can mean many different things, depending on what level of job you are interviewing for, which industry you are going to work in and which company you are interviewing with.

If you are going in to fashion merchandising and a store geared for 18 - 25 year olds, for example, you may want to wear a bit more color and accessories that fall in line with the brand. Some more progressive organizations may even tell their candidates to wear casual attire in order to attend the interview. In these instances we highly suggest listening to what the company says, because it already shows your listening and adaptability skills.

If there is no specific protocol outline in the interview instructions, we advise a business professional approach. This can also vary based on gender, however an interview outfit should fit comfortably. It should be noted your interview can often tell when you are uncomfortable, and after all, when we’re talking about a new position you don’t want anything working against you!

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Some key appropriate items to remember:

  • Dress pants or slacks

  • Dockers

  • Skirt

  • Solid or small patterned button down shirt

  • Blazer

  • Suit

  • Dress shoes

  • Loafers

  • Pumps

  • One small necklace, can be worn above or under dress shirt

  • A simple watch or bracelet

  • Up to one medium sized ring or two small rings

[Maybe downloadable interview style guide below?]