Following Up After an Interview

While we don’t condone stalking, we also don’t recommend becoming a ghost during any part of the job seeking process. Recruiters are busy. For every job, there may be over 200 more of you hitting the submit button, and that means you need to stay fresh in their mind.

Too many job seekers are leaving their future in the hands of the companies and not taking enough control through following up. Here are some guidelines for when to follow up:

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After Applying

After you apply for a position, wait roughly one week. At this point, reach out to the recruiter, hiring manager or another contact via phone or email. Because emails today often become bottomless pits, we suggest phone wherever possible during this step.

After the Interview

The first time to follow-up is within 24 hours of your interview. Send a thank you note! No, this does not have to be in the mail (although it is a classy touch) but even a simple email will do!

The next time is a few days or more after the interview. If you follow our advice on interviews, this part may become a little easier to gauge.

During the interview process, most applicants are given an opportunity to ask any questions. At this point, we advise asking what the timeline looks like in terms of next steps and the hiring decision. If they give you a timeframe for when they will contact you, wait that amount of time plus one day. If not, follow up after one week. Email and phone are equally acceptable!

Regular Follow Up

If you are not hearing back after the first try, we suggest continuing to follow up every 10-14 days. This keeps you on the recruiter or hiring manager’s mind. As we have mentioned before, recruiters are business and business happens. So keep on trying! Email and phone are equally acceptable!