Interview Etiquette

What to Bring

Before leaving for your interview, you want to make sure you have a few supplies with you.

  • Small professional briefcase, bag, folder or padfolio

  • Copies of your resume on resume paper

  • A pen

  • A notebook

  • Reference sheet

  • Any work or samples as requested by your interviewer(s)

We suggest all of these items because each one shows preparedness and professionalism. You should bring one copy of your resume for each person you will be interviewing with, plus two additional just in case you should need them. Additionally, you should bring two copies of your references for your hiring manager or human resources contact should they ask for it. When it comes to samples of your work, traditionally one presentation or hard copy would be just fine - unless more are requested.

The pen, notebook and briefcase, bag, folder or pad folio show preparedness for the situation as well. Some employers like when their interviewees take notes, as it can reflect a seriousness of wanting to know about the organization and the role.

When to Arrive

Many people battle when exactly to show up to an interview. Too late and you can be seen as unprepared, disinterested or unreliable. Too early and you can seem overly eager or desperate. (Way too early and it tends to weird people out.) So what is the magic number? We say 10-15 minutes early. This amount of time is a great balance between preparedness and desperation. Additionally, it allows you to complete any additional paperwork or preliminary items before you enter the building, such as being issue a badge or completing an application.

We do want to note, if your specific instructions say to arrive earlier or later, then follow those guidelines. You may also been very eager or nervous to show up for your interview. If you prefer to be extra early or want to ensure you become delayed because of traffic, you can even sit in your car until that 10-15 minute window arrives. Some people enjoy doing this because it allows them to mentally prepare before going in.

What to Do When You’re Lost

We recommend driving by the workplace prior to the interview if you are able, just to prepare yourself for where you need to go. With our smartphones today, it is much easier to find addresses just about anywhere, but occasionally businesses may have recently moved or addresses have yet to be assigned and programed. However, if these options are not feasible or if you managed to get lost along the way a great resource to reach out to may be the front desk or office assistant at the company. They are familiar with giving people directions and are often very pleasant to speak with

What to Do for Rescheduling

Should you need to reschedule your interview, although it is not advised, you should reach out directly to whomever scheduled the interview or someone who is directly called out on your confirmation as your point of contact. This person, often in Human Resources or Talent Acquisition, will be able to either directly connect your or get you on the calendar for a later date.