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why are you not considered career coaches, consultants, or recruiters?

When we originally started elarie, we referred to ourselves as ‘career consultants.’ But after working exclusively with clients only on a one-on-one basis, we realized we needed to stretch our reach of knowledge on job seeking strategy and systems. By creating these online programs, we can help job seekers learn how to best approach combing through job descriptions and forming search plan, putting together a resume and cover letter, optimizing a LinkedIn profiles, and practicing interview and follow-up techniques. You can learn more about what we do and how we do it over on our About page.


Currently, we are only offering our self-study programs. However, almost all of our programs come with additional 1:1 assistance to help you finalize your resume and cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or interview questions. We also offer online webinars, workshops, and seminars to give you more face time with us!

what hours do you work?

Any emails or inquiries will be responded to Monday - Friday between 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (EST). Please allow up to 48 hours response time for any inquiry.

Where did the name ‘elarie’ come from?

It’s actually a combination of both of our middle names - Elizabeth and Marie. And in case you’re wondering about pronunciation, it’s (ella-ree).


what computer skills/requirements do i need to work through these programs?

We try to make everything as user-friendly as possible, but to get the most out of these programs, we suggest:

  • Having a stable internet connection

  • Having a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer

  • Basic understanding of downloading content from the internet

  • For Resumes & Cover Letters: Microsoft Word or Pages and ability to use either of these word processors

what program should i start with?

It will depend on where you are in your career journey! However, if you want to really just start from the beginning and cover your basis, we suggest our free program, Building Your Career Roadmap.

HOW LONG DO I HAVE ACCESS TO the PROGRAMs after i purchase?

Programs are guaranteed available to you for one (1) full year after your purchase. This allows you to have full access to any updates or new information we add into these areas as well! If we change the passwords to these programs during that time, we’ll send you an updated password so you can still access it.


Email us directly at and we’ll send it over to you!

I’m having trouble downloading or saving worksheets & Guides to my computer

If you’re using a Mac, hold down the “alt” key on your keyboard and then click the download links to save any worksheets or guides directly to your computer. If you open any downloads directly in your web browser, you will not be able to save your progress in the fillable-PDF’s. If you’re still having trouble with this, email us at and we’ll get you all of the downloads you need for your program(s).

Are these programs up to date?

Yes! We are constantly revising and updating these programs to make sure all information is current and accurate.

do you offer refunds?

Because all of our programs are immediately available to you as soon as you purchase, we are not able to offer refunds at this time.

do you offer discounts?

From time to time we will mark down our programs with special discount codes. The best way to grab these discount codes is to sign up to our email list! Pop your name and email into the newsletter banner at the bottom of any page, and we’ll add you to our list.


How do i sign up for a workshop or seminar?

Depending on whether the workshop or seminar is in-person or online, click on that that specific listing on our Events page to learn more details about how to secure your spot.

do you ever offer in-person events outside of michigan?

Even though we’re an online business, Michigan is our main home base and is easiest and most cost effective (for you and us) to offer in-person workshops here. This is why we do our best to also offer as many online workshops and seminars as we can. However, we’re definitely open to traveling and willing to discuss options! Feel free to email us at to chat.

i haven’t received any information about an upcoming online event

Emails with details regarding any online workshops or seminars will go out at least two (2) days before the event. If you have signed up for a workshop or seminar and haven’t received information after that time, please email us directly at


HAVE OR DO YOU REALLY USE The resources listed?

Absolutely! There are a lot of different tools that we use to help us in our own careers, and we feel it best to provide you with our recommendations of what worked.