Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I seek out professional services just to land a job?

You know your workplace skills are stellar, your work experience is impressive, and the energy you have to offer your next job is unsurpassable. Do all of those amazing qualities come across correctly on your resume? For most people, the answer is no, and it is why they are extremely confused and frustrated with the lack of calls coming in for interviews.

Did you know that on average, recruiters only take 6 seconds to decide if your resume is good enough for their company? A professionally written resume by Elarie is designed to highlight the best of your abilities, front and center, for all hiring managers to immediately see when reviewing your application. Along with a killer cover letter, impressive Linkedin profile, thoughtful follow-ups,  and professional guidance training to help you nail the interview, the services that Elarie provides will give you the confidence and skillset to guide you through finding the career that you’ve always wanted.

Why should I trust you guys over your competition?

Honest, practical, affordable and real career advice is something we can’t seem to find these days - and we want to change that.

We are highly skilled professionals that have been consistently crafting resumes, designing cover letters, and offering sound career advice for years. We are always adapting our processes to make sure our offerings are the most current and applicable in order for you to be successful, regardless of your previous background.  

We truly believe that landing your next job shouldn’t cost you all the money you had saved up in a vacation fund. We don’t charge more money because you want to switch career paths. We don’t believe that landing your dream job ends at just handing you a nice looking resume. And most importantly, we proudly stand behind the quality and mastery of all of our work.

Our expertise has opened new and exciting doors for our clients, which is the real bread and butter behind our passion. If you haven’t had a chance to read more about us on our About Page, head on over to learn more about who we really are!

What is the Applicant Tracking System?

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a computer software application that companies use to weed through massive amounts of applications that come into their system. This allows businesses or organize and collect all of the necessary data they receive on an application, and quickly pre-screen who they are most interested in. Companies won’t always let you know if they are using an ATS during the hiring process, but it is safe to say that more and more companies are not calling qualified candidates in for interviews because their resumes don’t make it through the system. This is why we tailor our resumes to make sure you’re well equip to begin beating the system and landing more interviews!

Can you really complete projects in just 1 week?

We really can! We understand that if you’ve made the decision to purchase one of our services or packages, then you are serious about job hunting and landing your dream career. We don’t want you to wait any longer than you should, so we make sure that all of our professional writing services are the top priority so you can start applying to those jobs!


What format will I receive my documents in?

All Elarie documents will be emailed back to you in a both a Word and PDF format. This is because many applications may require you to either copy-and-paste your resume into their system (which will be easier with Word) or upload your resume to their system (which is safer as a PDF). If you need your resume delivered in another format, please feel free to let us know!

Do you have any samples of your resumes?

Our website has a great gallery of before and after pictures of resumes that we’ve re-crafted for our clients. If you’d like to see something more specific, send us an email and let us know what you’re looking for!

What if I don’t like the completed work?

All professional writing services and packages come with a 60 day window for unlimited edits to your completed work. This means if there are elements that do not properly reflect who you are and your professional presence, we will be happy to adjust and redeliver to you during that time.

What does unlimited edits really mean?

Once we deliver the professional writing project to your inbox, you have 60 days to come back to us with any edits that you may need. We call this the Revision Period. This is a courtesy service we offer to our clients to help ensure that you are completely satisfied with our work! Revisions include minor updates and changes along with corrections for any errors or misinformation. Revisions do not include adding more information to your work or redesigning the work. If you have any more questions about this, please feel free to reach out!

What if I don’t see an exact service or package offered here and want to create my own?

Please do! The services and packages that we offer are the most commonly requested professional career options that we have been providing our clients. However, we would be happy to review your specific needs, offer you a quote for that service, and get to work on your unique experience!

Do you ever offer discounts on your services?

If you’ve searched around the internet for professional resumes and career consulting services, you’ll find that we are significantly cheaper than our competition. This is because we believe our services shouldn’t cost you more than the outfit you’re planning on purchasing to wear to your next interview.

However, from time to time we do offer discounts or additional bundles of our services. How can you be first in line when that happens? Make sure to follow us on all of our social media platforms and sign up for our newsletter because this is where those discount codes will pop up!

What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?

Head on over to our Contact page to fill out a quick form with your question, and we’ll be in contact with you ASAP!