Taking Action Towards Your Career

First Stop

Once you have built your career road map, it is time to take action and start moving towards your first stop!

How to get to your first stop is largely dependent on where you are coming from. If you are making a career transition, you may need to start networking quickly to understand what sub-steps you need to take. Additionally, you will need to start looking at your transferrable skills, or skills which can be transferred into your new career, and how to convey those to potential employers.

If you are progressing in the same industry or career, you may already have a network in place which you can reach out to for advice and career opportunities.

And Then Two More

When it comes to taking action, we suggest planning for the next 2 - 3 steps instead of just the first. This will help you build both long and short term goals. Keeping in mind you can always swerve or take the scenic route if needed!

The benefit of planning a few steps ahead is you can keep your ears open for opportunities which may come sooner than expected. This is much like the phenomenon of when you buy a red sedan and then notice everyone has one. If you keep your goals somewhere in your mind, you may have a better chance of identifying them when they present themselves.

Building the Foundation

As with any transition in life, you may feel more prepared and comfortable when you have a rough idea of where you’re headed. We hope you were able to build a road map to give you a few points along the way and get a better idea of what works for you and your career.