Building Your Career Road Map

Now that you have decided on which direction you would like to go, it’s time to build your career roadmap. Like a road trip, we suggest planning ahead and identifying some key stopping points along the way. However, also like a road trip, don’t be afraid to take the scenic route or make some unplanned stops if it benefits you in creating satisfaction or joy.

Decide on Supplies

One of the first steps in building your roadmap is determining which skills, knowledge, training, education and other attributes you will need to get where you need to go. If there are any gaps between where you are and where you need to be, these should be built into your plan.


For example, if you would like to become a Veterinary Technician but are not licensed and do not have a degree, we would suggest building those two items into your road map.

This does not mean you cannot start on this trip. There are many options to start gaining experience right away and still put yourself on the course to get where you would like to be. You could get a job as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic while going to school, or even a job in the school where you are studying helping the staff in the veterinary program. You could also spend time volunteering at a shelter and use that time to network with animal care professionals.

Planning Where to Go First

Next, we suggest putting a plan together of how you will get each of the skills you need. Using the worksheet below, list out what you will need in one column, and how to attain it in the next.

Using the column on the right, you can start to build your career road map and identify some roles which will help you get to the next step.

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A Note on Transferrable skills

Transferrable skills are skills you can take with you wherever you go! Some of the most basic tasks or jobs allow you to build transferrable skills such as Time Management, Customer Service, Teamwork and Multitasking. We suggested taking note of all of these skills as you build your career roadmap. We’ve put together a chart below to help you connect the dots.

Transferrable Skills Guide.png

Insert worksheet above to list skills, knowledge, education and others attributes. List them in one column and then and arrow pointing to the next column where they will list how to get it.