Your New Year, New Job Search

Welcome to 2018! A blank slate of opportunity and prosperity (we hope!) for you to cease!

The new year also brings a period of great reflection on the past and forethought of the future. For many people, that includes thoughts about their job. So what can you do this new year to start up (or spice up) your job search?

Make a Plan

You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again - have a plan of attack for your job search. This could mean planning the number of people you want to reach out to every day or week, the types of jobs you are going to apply for, identifying a job fair you would like to attend or simply revamping your resume. In any case, make a plan.

Have Someone Look At the Plan

While you ultimately may know what is best for your job search and your career in the moment, having someone review your plan may help you make adjustments. Ideally, this will be someone in your professional network, that is not directly working with you. That is if your job search includes finding jobs outside of your current organization. Building a network of mentors is a great tool that can come in handy for this reason and many others. 

As a note, we advise clients against putting themselves in a situation where their job may be eliminated because decisions makers believe they are already halfway out the door. So if you must share your plan with someone from work, make sure it is one you can absolutely trust.

Stick to the Plan

Following your job search plan can be the hardest part of the job search plan. The funny think about the work we do is that we assist clients who are incredibly organized, detailed and dedicated to their work, but when it comes time to stay on track for their needs it always falls to the wayside. 

So let me tell you, YOU'RE WORTH IT. You deserve that new job, with the better pay and the better benefits - so make time to do it.


Remember when I said building a network of mentors comes in handy? When you're searching for a job, building a variety of professional networks can really move you along quickly. Research jobs in your desired industry. If you know people who work there, don't hesitate to reach out to them. Begin the conversation by letting them know you're interested in a position there and ask them what they value about the organization. 


Our most successful clients know that staying focused on the job search and reaching out to their network is key. Any setbacks or defeats can easily be forgotten as you push through and land your dream job!