You Deserve to Love Your Job

We recently posted a simple question to the world of social media - do you love your job?

After all, you don't hear a lot of people walking around discussing all of the wonderful aspects of their job, especially to people who dislike theirs. Before you declare that work sucks no matter who you are, we did manage to find a few women working in Metro Detriot who let us know why they love their jobs!

Why are we telling you? Well, it's important that if you do not love your job that you find one you will! Afterall, you get 24 hours in a day and for many people, over one-third of those are spent at work. 

One of the most important steps in finding a job you love is identifying what you're going to enjoy doing nearly every day. Of course, not every day at work is a bucket of sunshine, but the overall satisfaction should be there. One of the first things I discuss with any client is "What do you want to be when you grow up?" This will start the conversation to figure out what people actually want to do versus what they think they should be doing.

This is not to say that you will never get to a space of happiness without some sort of path to where you want to be, but it does make it a lot easier. It's the difference of trying to navigate out of the woods with only a compass versus a map, some people actually prefer the compass.

When we started Elarie, we were adamant that we didn't just want to help people land a job, we want them to land a job they will love - or at least like a lot more than the last! So here are three examples of what happiness looks like at your job.

Kari's At-Home Freedom

Our first interview was with Kari Nichols, an Executive StarDirector with LimeLight by Alcone, an at-home based sales company specializing in "all natural, certified cruelty free skincare and professional cosmetics."  


Kari has been with the company for just under two years and loves the flexibility and freedom it provides. She says, "I don't have to ask for time off, I get to break my work day up into pieces if I need to, I don't have someone telling me what I can and can't do. I work where I want, when I want, for how long I want and with the people I want." In today's workplace with a lot of long work hours and hard deadlines, it can come as a relief to play by your own rules.

But being in at-home sales is not for everyone. Kari has to work hard for her success and there are challenges along the way. Kari explained, "Time management for sure. It's gotten a lot easier after getting the hang of it, but when I first started especially, it seemed like I was working 20hrs/day between LimeLight and managing an office job. It has paid off though!"

Ultimately it is a trade-off that Kari was willing to make in order to find what she loves to do, working for a company she loves to work for. Her admiration for the company makes it all worth it in the long run. "On a deeper level, they provide people the ability to be paid their worth, empowerment, confidence, and a supportive clan of collaboration over competition," she says. With the freedom to be her own boss with a company that promotes ideals she aligns with, Kari has found her happy place.

Katie's Reward in Medicinal Marijuana

Katie Boyer, a Veg Grow Manager at Callisto Garden's, spoke with us about her alternative job choice in Colorado. She spends her days ensuring that the plants she cuts and clones are raised into the flowering stage and are then able to move on to the care of flower manager. 


In short, her company grows cannabis commercial on a smaller scale, and their plants are used for resin. But Katie didn't just walk in and apply. In order to get to this point, she had to go through extensive background checks and be approved to work with the plants. 

Now depending on what state (or country!) you are in, level of acceptance for this industry can vary quite drastically, but it has proven to be a very successful one. Katie also notes just how rewarding the work she does is, "I tried to do landscaping and private gardening for non cannabis plants. But I missed the ladies. I can't imagine doing anything else. Its a mix of art and science...And its medicine for the people! What could be more rewarding?" 

I also asked her for any advice to those who may be interested in the career in the future as it is increasingly becoming legal in more states. She says, "Just be professional. The government's watching us. Be a good example. We aren't just a bunch of stoner drug dealers...misrepresented the industry a bit. They can take it away just as quickly as they gave us the freedom."

It's worth mentioning that Katie is also thriving in a male-dominated industry due to the hard labor required in the gardens, but she loves it all the same. The reward that she receives from working with the plants that are ultimately used as medication seems to be worth it. 

Lindsay's Career Growth 

Linsday Boeckl is a Marketing Coordinator in the Metro Detriot area and described her experiences interviewing for the job and her life since she accepted the position. "I asked during the interview their stance on work-life balance," says Lindsay, "it was important because I did not want to come off as what some would call a "millennial" or like I was not flexible to get the work done." 

We often see people in the job search focused on trying to make sure they convince the interviewers that they are the right fit for the job. But what about how well of a fit the job is for you? If you work a typical 40-hour workweek, you're using nearly 25% of your life at work! Wouldn't you want a place that was the right fit for you as well?

Ensuring that your potential new employer's policies and procedures align with what you are looking for is a huge factor in having job satisfaction once you start working. Having that transparency and open-line of communication is a great way to build your career at any workplace. 

But it doesn't stop at the interview. "We have regular check-ins. They also have a very supportive culture. It's a place that if you make a spelling mistake, it's not a big deal. You learn from it and move on", says Lindsay. "I ask a ton of questions about [the job] and they are very supportive in providing answers." 

In their annual performance review process, employees were given a chance to think about their performance and give input on their perspective. They also were able to choose somewhat of a managerial advocate to review their performance as well. During the formal review, the employee's personal performance review and that of their advocate manager are used to discuss their overall advancement and career development within the company. 

What's the Secret?

So what's the key to loving your job? Put simply, you. You have to figure out what is important to you in order to find a job that you will love and that will make sense. You also have to consider that whatever you value about your job is going to change throughout your life, and there may be a day when you have to leave a job you love in order to further your career - and that's okay! Either way, we suggest taking some time to make lists of your likes and dislikes of your previous (and maybe current) job before you make the leap to find one you love. 

Have a job you love? Comment and let us know why!  

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