You Deserve To Love Your Job III

Welcome back to the third in our series of showcasing amazing career focused individuals that absolutely love their job! We’re going to keep this trend going for as long as we can find people that love what they do. Don’t forget, if you want to share your story and be featured on our blog, either send us a message or comment below!

According to a bunch of information, we found on Forbes, there are a lot of factors that go into your work life, which is why enjoying it should be a higher priority on your list. The average amount of time that people spend at work is approximately 37 hours a week, or a little over 7 hours a day. If you’re spending that much time somewhere, it’s important that you’re not miserable! When you love your job, you’ll find yourself being more sociable, less lethargic, more generous, and overall just healthier. 

Here are some amazing women who are absolutely killing it at their job, day in and day out, with some incredible advice on how to incorporate more positivity into your workday.

Krista's Continuous Progress 

We first spoke with Krista Skodack, a Registered Behavior Tech with Behavior Consultants Inc. Diving right in, she mentioned that what she loves most about her job is, “The clients I’m able to help on a daily basis and how every day is different. The social reintegration component of my job lets me do fun outings and activities with the clients as well.”

Krista mostly works independently, with just her and her clients by her side. While she is still working on finding that ideal work-life balance, she does feel that her job gives her the autonomy she is looking for. “I work out of my home and travel to clients, so the autonomy is ideal. I still have access to my supervisors but I actually don’t see them often.”


What’s the most exciting aspect of her job as a Registered Behavior Tech? That no two days are ever the same! “As a client progresses, their programming changes to reflect said progress. That gives me the ability to diversify my daily job tasks and keep things fresh.” 

She also feels that she has the support she needs - all around, from supervisors to even her clients. “If I bring a concern to my supervisors, they genuinely care about making us happy and giving us the tools we need to do our job.”

“I help others all day, every day. The children I work with are diagnosed on the autism spectrum and as they learn new skills, you see them open up more to the world. There isn’t a feeling that can describe when you see a kiddo say their first word or do something independently for the first time.”

Cheri’s Determined Dedication

Next, we had the pleasure of speaking with Cheri Whobrey, a Broker Associate with RE/MAC Properties, Inc. Right off the bat, Cheri let us know that “working with people and helping them achieve their dream” was the most fulfilling aspect of her job!


“When working with a buyer, finding the right home is pretty incredible! The excitement is hard to beat. Even after 20+ years in the biz, I feel a bit in awe to be a part of it. Plus, I love looking at homes - glimpsing inside other worlds - learning other points of view. My job is never boring because even when doing the same tasks you're doing it with different people which makes it new & exciting all over again.”

Cheri then gave us a little more insight into her day to day tasks, and even some challenges that occasionally arise. “There are many moving pieces in the home buying process, working closely together with buyer/seller, lender, inspector, appraiser, title company/closer is imperative in keeping the process moving smoothly. I pull in my Broker or other Realtors for guidance and advice if new or challenging issues arise - learning from what my fellow agents have done in resolving like-issues is helpful.”

“Sometimes it feels that I have no control over how busy or 'un-busy' I am... And, I have to force myself to relax when not busy & try to enjoy that time - natural instinct is to worry when not busy and work (somewhat frantically) to become busy again. Commission only jobs can do that to you ;-) Balance, for me, has been one of the toughest things to learn in Real Estate. It's easy to find yourself putting clients before yourself and often family as you only get paid when a deal closes so hard to say 'no' or let a call go to voicemail when a client calls. I'm still learning how to create balance with my life / job. I've found that connecting with my clients on first call/meeting helps...when a client sees you as a person, not just a service, they tend to treat you with understanding AND value your time - which is huge!! Golden Rule comes into play as you respect your clients, they respect you.”


Finding autonomy with any job can be tricky, but when you are working mostly for yourself and responsible for your own time management, it can become even more difficult. Cheri explains, “I work as an independent contractor, so seems I should have total autonomy...however, for a transaction to be successful, there are several others involved. PLUS, my entire job is finding (or selling) the right place for someone else! So while I have control over marketing, somewhat over setting my schedule, ect., I'm kinda at the mercy of others to get thru the home-buying process. Lender, inspector, appraiser, closer - not to mention Buyer & Seller all play HUGE roles in my business - so working well with others is critical in my business.”

And just in case you’re considering diving into the Real Estate world, don’t think that there isn’t more to this job than meets the eye! Cheri wears an incredible number of hats, but it’s all part of the business of making her job move along smoothly. “I do marketing, counseling (not unlike a bartender - as folks tend to tell you way more than you'd think during this process), finance info, tax info, devil's advocate when helping buyer/seller make decisions, building info, referee, negotiator - biggest duty is to listen & truly hear my client so that I have a clear understanding of what they want/need in order to help them achieve their goal.”

All in all, even after 20 years in this Real Estate business, she still loves her job! “Home ownership is still a big part of the American dream - helping someone obtain that is pretty amazing!"

What's the Secret?

So what's the key to loving your job? Put simply, you. You have to figure out what is important to you in order to find a job that you will love and that will make sense. You also have to consider that whatever you value about your job is going to change throughout your life, and there may be a day when you have to leave a job you love in order to further your career - and that's okay! Either way, we suggest taking some time to make lists of your likes and dislikes of your previous (and maybe current) job before you make the leap to find one you love.

Have a job you love? Comment and let us know why!