You Deserve To Love Your Job II

Welcome back to the second in our series of showcasing amazing career focused individuals that absolutely love their job! We’re going to keep this trend going for as long as we can find people that love what they do. Don’t forget, if you want to share your story and be featured on our blog, either send us a message or comment below!

According to a bunch of information from Forbes, there are a lot of factors that go into your work life, which is why enjoying it should be a higher priority on your list. The average amount of time that people spend at work is approximately 37 hours a week, or a little over 7 hours a day. If you’re spending that much time in just one place, it’s important that you’re not miserable! When you love your job, you’ll find yourself being more sociable, less lethargic, more generous, and overall healthier. 

Here are some amazing women who are absolutely killing it at their job, day in and day out, with some incredible advice on how to incorporate more positivity into your workday!

Megan’s Supportive Setting

We first spoke with Megan Whobrey who is an Academic Counselor at the University of Oklahoma, College of Arts and Sciences (#BoomerSooner). She had a lot to say about why her job allows her to combine both her love for the student population and her colleagues and co-workers. “Everyday work with OU’s amazing student population to get them on track for graduation, prepare for the amazing careers and life experiences ahead of them, and encourage them when they feel as if everything is falling apart. The diverse campus I serve enables me to experience students from all walks of life and engage in cultures and ways of life I may never have been exposed to otherwise."

academic job

"In addition to the student population, the atmosphere our associate dean has created in our office itself is one of complete trust and understanding. She holds us to high standards but knows we are more than capable of reaching them on our own, so she is not the kind of employer who looms or double checks everything."

Megan explains that the support she receives from her associate dean has created a comfortable level of trust and guidance in her work life. "She trusts us to do our jobs well and efficiently, and she knows that if mistakes are made then we will openly admit them so that the issue can be resolved. This creates open communication in the office and an easy going atmosphere in which people are constantly asking for advice and guidance so mistakes can be avoided in the first place but then also quickly resolved if they do happen. She is also greatly encouraging of personal and professional growth so we get the opportunity to attend conferences and other professional development events to further our knowledge and experience in our field so that we can better serve our students.”

Megan’s work schedule is fairly typical to most office environments and doesn’t feel pressure to keep working once she’s left the building for the day. “The work-life balance is ideal and easily manageable. Everyone in our is completely dedicated to our jobs and our students, but we are not expected to let our work define our entire lives and are constantly reminded by our amazing dean that our time-off is extremely important and we should be taking care of our personal lives as much as we take care of our work life.”

Amy Healthy Habitat

Our next job lover comes from Amy Armstrong who is the Assistant Director of Food and Nutrition at Morrison Senior Living in Sterling Heights, MI. As a part of a contract food service with Compass Group, Amy has also held positions with the company such asSous Chef and Executive Chef. Amy explains that the love of her job comes from all of the amazing support she receives on a daily basis. "What I love most about my job is the group of people I work with and support I get from them. They are my second family, my work family. Because of great leadership, everyone has fun but does there jobs, teamwork is stupendous, and there's always opportunity’s for growth along with support! I started out as a dishwasher and worked my way up to a Chef, and now Assistant Director. The company has provided me with great tools, mentors, and experiences that will last a lifetime. I cannot say enough good things!"

food job

Amy also explains that when it comes to a work-life balance, she feels she's got it made! "If we have to stay late one day we end up leaving early another. As well as if we have events with the family, our boss does an awesome job at making sure we can take them."

With a supportive environment that encourages continuous growth and learning, Amy feels that she always has an opportunity to move forward in her career. "As an Assistant Director and Chef I order food/supplies, educate people with the help of dietitians on healthy food choices, catering events, billing, mentor staff, and monitor safety and sanitation. One of The cultural standards of the company is engaging employees and recognizing the great work they do. This is why I love coming to work because I feel appreciated! My job allows me to help seniors every day while providing healthy meals and also an ear to listen. "

Veronika's Caring Climate

Our final showcase for today comes from Veronika Hair, Store Manager at SportClips Haircuts in San Diego. She explains that landing a job in this field wasn't something she considered until she stumbled right into it. "I absolutely love the technical aspect of my job. Cutting and styling men's hair was a passion I had no clue I carried until I started this job. I truly enjoy being able to do what I love every day.

"As a store manager not only do I maintain the responsibilities of running a business and a storefront, I am still a stylist who also has a clientele to take care of as well.  I get to attend our annual Huddle as a manager as well as quarterly Leadership meetings with all managers in my region.  We have marketing opportunities and plenty of opportunities to work with the brands we utilize each day! "

What does she think the best part about working for SportsClips really is? "The best part about SportClips is working with an amazing team.  Not only are the Team Leaders I work under great leaders themselves, but my stylists are all great team members who bring great ideas to the table.  I love that SportClips allows all team members to collaborate on ideas. "


For Veronika, when it comes to company culture and maintaining a work-life balance, she finds that this job has hit the mark. "Due to the flexible schedule and open availability I have, I can pursue my other life hobbies like rock climbing, kayaking, and traveling. I'd say the biggest hindrance to my work-life balance is me, not my occupation! The values at SportClips truly align with my belief and lifestyle.  So much so that I come into work happy every day. I love that at SportClips we just encourage each other to grow; not just technically but also as a team! "

Recently, we have seen a lot of our clients looking for positions with companies that are also doing their part to help the surrounding communities. For Veronika, joining SportClips was no exception, and she's found their outside endeavors to be just as fulfilling as her day to day work expectations. "SportClips is known for a variety of things but one of the biggest reason we're a common name is that of our Haircuts with Heart.  Each year our stores partner with a variety of organizations to raise money for many different causes.  We've been partnered with the VFW doing the Help-A-Hero Scholarship for years; we are able to aide active duty and veterans looking to continue schooling with scholarships.  We also support St. Baldrick's and many local schools and little leagues.  I love being able to support the community I work in."

What's the Secret?

So what's the key to loving your job? Put simply, you. You have to figure out what is important to you in order to find a job that you will love and that will make sense. You also have to consider that whatever you value about your job is going to change throughout your life, and there may be a day when you have to leave a job you love in order to further your career - and that's okay! Either way, we suggest taking some time to make lists of your likes and dislikes of your previous (and maybe current) job before you make the leap to find one you love.

Have a job you love? Comment and let us know why!