Welcome A Hint of Life!

Hi there! Belen and Andre over here from A Hint of Life, a lifestyle motivational blog for women that want more in their lives. Whether you want to have more fun, live a healthier life, climb the corporate ladder a bit faster or just take more risks, we strive to inspire and motivate you to go after your dreams… so, dream big; we are right here with you.

We are sisters with a four year difference and everything about us is different; personality, style, interests, even skin color! Our mini bio here, will help you understand us a little better:

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Belen is most commonly known as an over-achiever, having graduated college at age 20, she pursued an MBA and opened an online company by the time she was 22. Andre is currently in school, pursuing a degree in Urban Planning, she’s vegan and her dream was to be a veterinarian.

Despite our differences, we love to search and try different things and experiences in an effort to feel content and fulfilled with life. We believe that no matter what is going on in your day to day, after a long day of work, when you finally get home, you should feel happy, content and excited about the next day. With many blogs out there covering “lifestyle”, we decided to team up and talk about real experiences we go through and give our readers (and now, you!), real recommendations and advice about life, career/college, health & fitness.   

We reached out to Kayla and Rachele from Elarie Consulting because career development is one of the subjects we are most interested in and we loved the easy-to-read guidance they share with you, joining forces seemed like the right thing to do. While they share their wisdom and knowledge about career advancement from all different angles, we will be sharing with you lifestyle tips and advice that will help you have a happy life while conquering the world.

Just as you are used to Elarie Consulting’s writing, we write in a very personal way because the intent is for our stories to be interactive. Please comment or email us if a story resonates with you, if you agree or disagree or if you have a tip that might work better than ours… we want this to be a conversation and you are all invited!

Let’s start off this conversation! Here are three of our life mottos… What do you think?

“Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will” - Suzy Kaseem

“One day or day one. You decide”

“I love the person I’ve
become, because I fought to become her.” - Kaci Diane

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We’ll be back soon with our first post in which we talk about the healthy habits you need for work and life. In the meantime, you can catch us over at www.ahintoflife.com and follow us on instagram  :)