Want to Work Remotely? Here’s 4 Traits You Need To Be Successful

Do you dream of a shorter commute?

Working from your pajamas?

Finding a cozy spot on the couch with just your laptop and a cup of coffee?

Working remotely definitely offers a lot of benefits and freedom, but it’s not all lazy days and your favorite TV sitcom reruns. With all of the distractions in your home, it can be very easy to slack off and not actually get your work done.  

Which is why we recently went live on Facebook and spoke with someone who has been tackling the remote life with success! Nichole Skiver has been working remotely for a mortgage company for a little over a year, and we picked her brain to figure out what she loved about her job and what new challenges came up that she didn’t anticipate.

[Watch The Live Replay by Clicking Here]

You’ve probably started to notice a trend toward more legitimate remote jobs. Before, whenever you would see ‘work from home’ positions, this usually triggered people to believe that these were scams or shady companies that didn’t really pan out into long-lasting careers. Now, remote work is not only becoming more popular, it’s an area of work that companies are thinking more strategically about implementing.

If you are seriously considering a work-from-home position, keep reading. We put together the top personality traits you’ll need to have to be successful in any remote role!

You’re Introverted

Nichole spoke about this quite a bit, but the lack of adult conversation sometimes actually gets to her in her remote position. If you’re more of an introverted person, working from home may be your dream situation. Especially for those of you who are currently living in cubicle-land and would really rather avoid the ongoing small talk that happens throughout the day, being a little more secluded sounds like a dream. However, if you’re someone who really enjoys the social aspects of the workday (meetings, group discussions, etc.) you may find remote work challenging.

You’re Self-Disciplined

In order to be successful at any job, there is a certain level of self-discipline you will need to successfully perform your tasks and assignments. When you’re in a traditional office setting, you also had the added pressure of your co-workers and boss who will distinctly notice if work is not getting done. Neither of these areas occurs in a traditional sense when you’re working from home, which makes the temptation for lazy activities much stronger. If you’re someone who can sit down, focus on a task, without too many distractions – regardless of your setting – then remote work should suit you just fine.

You’re Confident

We are all so incredibly different in regard to temperament, personalities, and body language. And often in a work setting, these three areas can easily become misinterpreted, often leading to conflict and insecurities. If you’re someone who feels that your co-workers are always talking behind your back, that your boss has it out for you,  or that someone is lobbying against them, then paranoia has officially taken over. If you’re confident about the work you’re doing and the ability to get it done in a normal office setting, eliminating the people around you won’t make much of a difference.

You’re Technically Savvy

We’re not saying you need to be in IT or programming (even though those are common remote jobs), but you should have a certain level of tech savviness in your bones. When you’re working-from-home, you won’t have an opportunity to call up Bill from IT to come fix what’s wrong on your computer every time something goes wrong. You should be able to successfully diagnose minor issues that come up with your workstation and not let it affect too much of your daily activities.