Interview Tips That Will Actually Help You Land The Job

We work with a lot of clients who are incredibly excited to start filling out job applications after we send them their newly customized resume.

We’ve also had the great fortune of being able to secure nearly every single one of our resume writing clients an interview! We’re on a streak and we want to keep the momentum going!

You’ve applied to the job, submitted your resume, [probably waited for what seems like forever], and now have finally heard back from the company. You landed an interview! Congrats!

Now comes that dreaded fear of the actual interview itself. Applying to jobs is easier because you’re really just sitting here behind the scenes. It’s all about what you’ve put down on paper that makes you look great, but now it’s important to make sure those amazing qualities actual shine through in person!

We hear time and time again that interview preparation is one of the biggest fears of our clients. Which is why we offer Interview Preparation services that will help you ease those fears and allow you to walk into an interview with REAL confidence! We take the time to go through those really - really - tough interview questions and help you find the best way to answer them. We’ll throw some of the biggest interview curve balls your way during these sessions because we want to make sure that nothing knocks you off your game!

But before you head on over to our consultation page, we want you to consider a few things about your next interview. Job interviewing never seems to get any easier, no matter how many times we do it. Each interview requires you to meet with new people, selling yourself all over again, and deal with tough questions you hadn’t even considered. All the while, you need to remain positive, happy, and enthusiastic throughout the entire process.

It’s exhausting! Which is probably why we’re so nervous leading up to it, tense throughout the interview, and physically beat once it’s all over. 

However - we have a few tips we want to share that will help you beat some of this internal and external stress, so you can really focus on what matters - SELLING YOURSELF! By investing a little bit of extra time in your interview process, you will communicate and rock that interview ever better than you thought possible!


Do Your Research

We’re hearing from hiring managers that one of their biggest issues with interviewees is that when it comes time to ask them about the company or see what they actually know about the industry, that the people sitting across from them go blank. 

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You should always assume that an interviewer is going to ask you, “What do you know about this company?” And you should always a good answer to showcase your due diligence and research! Not only is important for you to understand what this company stands for to impress at an interview, but you actually want to make sure that your goals and skills align with their company culture. Doing research really is a win-win for everyone!

Show Off What You Know

While you’re doing your company research and answering questions about your abilities, you should also take the time to showcase your “attention to detail” talents and skills. Whenever possible, discussing your career accomplishments related to what the company has done or is looking to do is always best. 

For example, if you noticed that the company you’re interviewing with came out with a new product last year, and you can relate their launch to your experience, do so! The more matches and bridges you can connect between you and the company, the more you’ll come across as the perfect fit.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you’ve scheduled an interview preparation session with us, we’ll send you a huge list of questions that we’re going to tackle. This is to make sure that you’re completely prepared for any question that is thrown your way! However, even if you do a quick search for common interview questions and best practice answers, make sure you don’t just read through this one. You have to practice!

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Our best advice for remembering all these answers? Think of each answer response as literally one word. Let this word be a trigger for how you’re going to dive into the answer itself. Better yet, if that one word relates back to something that was listed as a job requirement, your answer will always relate back to exactly what they’re looking for.

Prepare and Plan Ahead of Time

If you’re waiting until the day of your interview to pick out an outfit, print out those extra copies of your resume, and figure out if you have an extra pen and notebook to take with you to the interview, then you’re already behind. 

Give yourself enough time (at least one extra day) to prepare for any upsets that might happen. Make sure your outfit is picked out the day before and is pressed and cleaned. Always have at least 3-5 extra copies of your resume, because you never know who is going to show up in your interview who doesn’t have a copy, or hasn’t reviewed your background. It's also important to show up with at least a notepad and pen, so you can jot down your own notes about the company and the answers you get when asking them questions. 

Show Up Early

When it comes to being on time for an interview, this means being early. With that being said, we don’t recommend getting their crazy early and just lingering around the waiting or reception area. You need to give yourself enough time to factor in traffic issues, weather-related incidents, or any car issues you may have yourself getting to the interview. If you have to sit in the parking lot for a few extra minutes, so be it. 

Make sure to effectively plan out your route to an interview, and potentially jot down an alternative route just in case. We also suggest not just relying on your smartphone to get you to and from the interview - because technology does fail. Write those directions down, and always jot down the phone number of the reception area to call, just in case you get lost.

When should you actually head upstairs to the interview, so you don’t appear too early? We suggest that arriving at the building itself 10-15 minutes early is acceptable. Anything 20 minutes or more, is just way too early. Show that you’re punctual, but also show that you know how to be respectful of other people’s time and agendas.

Follow Up & Thank Your Interviewers

Another big gripe that hiring managers have with interviews is that their candidates are not appropriately or consistently following up. You should always follow up and thank each interviewer for taking the time to meet with you 24 hours after the interview. 

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This can be done via email (or snail mail if you’re prepared with a card that day), or even over the phone. As a general guide, thank the interviewers for their time, reestablish your interest in the position, and showcase why you would be the best fit for the company. These follow-ups and thank yous shouldn’t be lengthy, but just to keep the interviewers on your radar. 

Keep Breathing

Last, but certainly not least, you need to remain calm. The best way to stay relaxed during an interview is to mindfully focus on breathing. Your body language and how you physically react in an interview says SO MUCH about your ability to handle the job. 

If you find yourself getting flustered, take a second to check in with yourself and regroup. Maintain eye contact with your interviewers, actively listen to each question, and take it one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race, and there’s no need to get overexcited or anxious during this time!