How You Can Use Transferable Skills to Your Advantage

Have you ever felt that what you do at your current job is so unique from any other job out there?

Not sure how to put it on a resume?

Have you ever considered changing careers but felt you didn't have enough experience or skills to make the cut?

Well, welcome to transferable skills!

Put simply, transferable skills are skills or abilities that you have developed in your experiences that can be applied to a variety of careers. On a deeper level, you can even translate your current and previous work duties to duties you may have in an entirely different career.

The best part about these skills is that they can be refined outside of the workplace as well. You may have practiced this skill at school, playing sports or while volunteering.

Think of all of the things you accomplish on a daily basis. Are any of those building resume-worthy skills? It is likely many of them are.

For example, do you manage your schedule of work, school, and social life in an organized fashion using calendars, agendas or to-do lists? That’s time management.

Are you good at diffusing an argument between Sally in accounting and Linda in sales? That’s conflict resolution.

Does your manager want you to do tasks that you don’t have the equipment for but you somehow find a way? Creative problem-solving!


This is where your hobbies can benefit you greatly. Ultimately, you’re going to have to relate your own experience and take some time to think through the skills and will suit the position you desire the most. When we are building a resume for one of our clients that may be changing their career field or does not have a lot of general experience, transferable skills are one of the first things we consider.

Keep in mind, you can also utilize these skills within the interview process when trying to land the job. When explaining your qualifications and skills, integrating some explanation as to how your background is relevant to the job is crucial. Don’t be afraid to get creative!