How to Manage a Side Hustle

Hi guys! Belen here from A Hint of Life back with my monthly guest post at Elarie!

Today, I want to talk to you about side hustling because it’s become such a common thing among millennials. We are the fast generation, we get bored easily and we want to be challenged ALL the time.

Side Hustles are those passion projects you start off as a hobby and it eventually turns into a small business. Well, now, people (like myself) have started side hustles to INTENTIONALLY create a small business so that one day we can leave our regular full-time job.

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Now, it’s important to know that I enjoy my full-time job and I find it challenges me and teaches me many lessons about myself as a human being AND professionally. My side hustle, A Hint of Life, is born out of my entrepreneurial spirit, my childhood dream of owning a lifestyle magazine, my craving for self-help and my love for style.

SO, now that we got the backstory covered. Let’s jump into how it’s all possible!

Six Tips to Manage your Side Hustle:

1.     Establish your side hustle – You can’t start if you don’t know what you want. Make sure you know exactly what the ins and outs of your side hustle are.

2.     Create a schedule – What are you doing before and after your full-time job? It’s important to create a routine in which you work on your side hustle, so you are not only relying on the weekends. See here for how I set my side hustle schedule.

3.     Focus on your full-time job – This one gets more difficult as things start progressing in your side hustle but, it’s important you keep your day job. I would say to not do anything from your side hustle at work but that’s impossible so, stick to breaks. If you need to send an email, post on social media, take photos or anything like that, do it during your lunch break, your coffee break, bathroom break. This way you concentrate fully on one thing at a time.

4.     Don’t bring your full-time job home – To tie it back to #3. If you are focusing 100% on your day job during the appropriate hours, you shouldn’t need to keep working at home (unless it’s a really big project). If you start bringing work back home, you are interrupting your schedule.

5.     Weekends are not off – Sometimes people quit on their side hustles because they want to live the life they see their friends have on Instagram. Sadly, if you want a small business out of your side hustle, you can’t focus on that. Side hustling means weekends are included. Not saying you can’t have a day off here and there but to make it work, you will need to put in the work.

6.     Know your limits – I’ve struggled with this but it’s important you know how much workload you can take. The rest, outsource it. The #1 reason why I say keep your day job when you are working on your side hustle is because your day job is your investor. If you need help in any way, hire it. It doesn’t have to be a full-on agency that will charge you $$$ but it can be an intern, it can be a part-time person but ask for help. You will see your business grow better and faster when you don’t try to do everything yourself.

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These 6 tips have helped me take my blog to the next level. It hasn’t been overnight, but with persistence, everything comes together.

Please reach out if you have any questions about these 6 steps or any of the other guest posts here on Elarie (see here & here)

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