Holiday Help Is On The Rise! How To Land Your Dream Job This Holiday Season

The National Retail Federation has predicted that there will be over 640,000 seasonal jobs available this holiday year.

And apparently these are not all retail positions - they’re predicting more demand for workers in transportation, manufacturing, and fulfillment. 


640,000 JOBS?!

Surely, you can snag one of them. And now is the time to get a move on!

The amazing thing about holiday work is that while employers are usually only looking to hire for a temporary amount of time, these opportunities are great ways to bring in extra income, boost up your resume, or even potentially secure a more long term position with a company you’ve been vetting for some time.

If you find yourself with some extra time or looking into a seasonal position (and already have your resume updated and ready to go) we have some excellent interview tips to help you land the job!


Be honest about your plans

Like we mentioned earlier, many companies may look to seasonal part-time employees to potentially promote for future full-time positions, once the holiday rush is over. We’re not saying you have to commit to these companies forever, but make sure to clearly express your interest in the company values and mission, and show that you’re a team player - regardless of how long your stay will be. Remember, just because this is a part-time gig, doesn’t meant it couldn’t turn into a long-term dream!

Likewise, you’ll probably get asked why do you want a temporary position. If you can find a way to discuss how this job would align with your ultimate career goals - you’re in luck! If not - no worries - but be honest about why you’re there. If you’re looking to make some extra cash for the holidays, it’s definitely okay to say so in this instance. 


Treat this interview seriously

An interview is an interview - whether it’s for an internship, a volunteer position, or a high paying corporate career. Make sure you accurately showcase your background and what you hope to gain from this holiday experience. These hiring managers are legally obligated to hold onto your resume, so you might as well make a good impression! Your determination may stand out, and more desirable positions with the company could be in your future.


Do your research

Just like any other interview, it’s incredibly important to do your research on the company you’re looking to employ you. Understand the business, its’ products, services, and their customer service record. Start following them on social media channels, and read the latest news on what they’re actually up to. Getting to know the company as well as you can before you head into an interview will not only leave you more confident with your questions, but you’ll have a better chance of answering them with ease when tricky situations show up during the interview.


Tell them your schedule

The holidays are usually a great time to wind down for the year, and regroup your work efforts. However, if you’re looking for seasonal employment, then these companies are looking for hard-working and reliable help. If the position requires a lot of hours that you’re not sure you can commit to, let them know from the beginning. The more honest and upfront you are about your time commitment, the better you can find the right holiday temp fit for your career goals. It’s better to know now if you have the time to dedicate to a side holiday job, then to get fired and have that on your record!