Healthy Habits for Work and Life

Work-Life Balance?

I used to be a firm believer in work-life balance until everything got mixed up. Loving your job and wanting to grow a business to eventually leave your job, can be extremely time-consuming, often leaving you with very little work-life balance.

In the beginning, I stressed out about finding a specific time for everything I had to accomplish in a day but quickly realized that was impossible. Everything in life is so intertwined, that the idea of creating separate schedules for little tasks is simply an illusion. Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In touches on this subject; how can there be work-life balance if work IS life?

Sure, at some point during the day we must relax and let our minds rest for a bit but what I’m trying to get at is that you will truly know you love what you do when you are not overwhelmed. Repeat this:

“You cannot be overwhelmed when living your purpose.”

With practice, I learned 7 habits to keep my work life and personal life healthy. I hope you put them to the test!

Sleep 7 to 8 hours each night

We live in a society that applauds “not sleeping”; we often hear with a tone of praise “OMG! She doesn’t sleep” as if that’s something to be proud of. We all have cram days, others of endless problems, but making sleep a priority is necessary. Our mind needs to rest, not only to be more alert at work but to lead a healthier life. Starting tonight, try getting a full night sleep – you will notice the difference in your mood, your attitude, and your performance at work.

Drink teat at night

This one, my sister Andrea, taught me. Since we are always on the go,go,go! When it comes time to fall asleep, we run into trouble. For this, stop anything related to work 1 hour before you plan to fall asleep and drink a cup of hot tea to relax. We love Chamomile.

Practice aromatherapy in the morning

One of our recent blog posts was about if aromatherapy works and it totally does! Before heading out to work or school, practice 5 minutes of aromatherapy to take your commute time with ease. Read more about aromatherapy here.

Lunch break around nature

Working in an office, or working from home can be very daunting! You never see the light of day and this can lead to feeling tired, unmotivated and even depression. During your lunch break, try to take a walk outside, see the sun and breathe fresh air. This will help you release stress, concentrate on something else than your laptop, free your mind for a couple of minutes and feel more energized to continue the day!

Exercise frequently

I would say this one is one of the most important tactics to living a healthy life. Exercising does NOT mean one hour or 1.5 hours a day. It means, 20, 30, 45 minutes and it can be anything from yoga, Pilates, walking, running, weight lifting – find what makes you feel good. Here are some workouts I have tried and recommend:


Plan your day the night before

Don’t wait until 9am to start planning your day as you will waste time, emails will start coming in and you will be OVERWHELMED! Before you leave the office or shut down your computer, get a pen and paper and plan your next day. Some questions to ask yourself as you plan your next day are:

  • What didn’t you get to?
  • What’s the priority?
  • What can wait for next week?
  • What deadline is coming up?
  • Do you have any calls/meetings scheduled?

Don’t text while working

No matter how much we love what we love, we all LOVE taking breaks and that’s ok. The thing to note here is that breaks should be breaks. You are not working effectively when you are texting your friend/mom/boyfriend every 10 minutes during the workday; by doing this, you will find yourself working until 9pm at night and this is when burnout and bad moods start to happen. Designate 5-10 minutes every 3 hours to take care of personal matters, get coffee or just simply take a break.

I strongly believe in these 7 habits for a healthier life whether to juggle between work and life. If you have any questions or comments about them, please reach out to me! My email is or DM me on Instagram.

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Xo, Belen