8 Good Reasons to Start Looking for a New Job

The fact that you’ve opened this blog is probably a sign that something is off. Maybe you’re just not feeling as great about your job as you used to – or worse – you’re regretting this recent career move. Regardless of your uneasy feeling, your gut instincts are trying to tell you something.

It’s time to move on. You deserve better!

There are 100 reasons signs that your life is sending you to help you determine if it’s time to make that career move, but here are the 8 most common to look for.

1. You’re constantly stressed

If adding on a new task to your daily work schedule sends your mind into a whirlwind of emotions, your work isn’t aligning properly. It’s okay to feel the occasional stress at work, but if the thought of doing ONE.MORE.THING. makes you want to pull your hair out, or you’re not sure how it’s all going to get done – it’s time to rethink your situation.

 2. Your physical/mental health is suffering

You may not even be privy to noticing that your health is suffering, but your body is probably already shooting you warning signs. Is your sleep lacking or inconsistent? Are eating habits becoming poor? Are you getting enough water intake throughout your day? Do you find yourself more down than up? If you’re not living your best life or find your health declining, it’s time to find a new work avenue.

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3. You’ve experienced harassment

If recent news has taught you anything is that harassment, of any kind, is not and should not be tolerated. This means physical, emotional, or sexual harassment of any kind. Simply put, if you’ve experienced it, we suggest moving on. Chances are that if it’s happened once, it’ll happen again – and you don’t deserve this!

4. You’re no longer motivated/productive

Maybe the work you were doing was once an incredible passion of yours, but you no longer find any job in your daily activities. This could simply be a lack of challenge in your job and is a big sign that it’s time to move into a new position. It’s also important to note that this may not actually mean you need to move away from the company that you’re working for – but see if you can reach out to your supervisor to examine new ways to find that spark back in your daily work life.

5. You dread talking with co-workers/superiors

You may be super introverted and not love small talk at work, but if you literally dread talking to any of your co-workers or superiors, for any reason, this is a bigger issue. Your missions and beliefs may not actually align with the company, and at the very least, you should welcome at least a little bit of cross-communication.

6. Your conversations are often complaints

If you find yourself complaining to your friends and family about your job, more than actually informing them of the good work that you’re doing, it’s a big sign it’s time to move on. You may actually not have noticed how much you’re complaining about your job because you’ve been stuck in a negative loop! Our society is programmed to complain about our jobs more than praise them. We feel it’s way more important to spread more positivity about your work life and you are no exception!

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7. You’re being recruited more often

Have you noticed an increase of LinkedIn messages from recruiters who are sending genuine job opportunities your way? Or, are you finding yourself having more conversations with people saying phrases like, “You would be such a great fit for…” These are big signs that it’s time to move up and move on! Don’t waste your talents by just sitting in your comfort zone, if you know you’re destined for more.

8. You just feel it

Warning signs aside, if you just feel like it’s time to move on, then it’s time to move on. Simple as that. You don’t have to justify to anyone that you want to leave your job and find something new. As long as you feel like making a change is the right move, then we support you!