5 TED Talks You Should Watch for Clarity in your Career

As we sprint into 2018, Elarie Consulting has been working on our own New Year inspiration!

We believe that a big way to further your career is to stay connected to different ways of thinking. Below are 5 Ted Talks we hand-picked for you, whether you're searching for a job or happy where you are!

1. The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get

Susan Colantuono, a Leadership Expert, discusses the advice that is missing from women’s growth in the workforce. Although the TED talk is primarily directed towards women, we feel that the advice is applicable to anyone trying to move up within their career. If you’re in a place where you continuously receive great performance reviews, but no upward mobility opportunities, this may be the reason why!


2. Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career

In a comical way, Larry Smith reviews why many people miss out on what they actually want to do. Passion is something that many people would like to have about their job, but don't make any effort to convert their passion into a job.


3. We Should Aim for Perfection - And Stop Fearing Failure

Providing an interesting take on the perception of failure in today's society, Jon Bowers discusses confronting failure head on and using it to motivate your journey to perfection. Bowers emphasizes that you should try to be perfect, going against everything we hear today and it provokes a naturally resistant feeling indeed. However, we do suggest watching until the end!


4. Are You a Giver Or a Taker?

Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, discussions a few main types of people within the workplace that we interact with every day. After identifying yourself and your co-workers, Grant gives you tools on how to promote a more collaborative culture that is successful and efficient.


5. How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

Last but certainly not least! Laura Vanderkam points out the faults in our time management and how to maximize your free time to help rest, recharge and restore yourself. Vanderkam will also give you some tools to take back your time! You can even start by watching this TED talk!