Do You Still Even Need A Resume?

The amount of people and companies who are actively utilizing LinkedIn is astounding. 

But do you know what’s more astounding?

The amount of people that think LinkedIn is a replacement for a resume!

LinkedIn truly is one of the most modern digital tools that you can use to quickly leverage yourself ahead of your competition in the job search world. By properly setting up your profile to attract interested companies and recruiters, your knowledge, skills, and expertise already rise to the top of the YES pile, just by taking this extra step on the social platform.

But, even though Elarie is all about finding the best ways to navigate the job search waters with every opportunity that you can - this doesn’t mean that the basics are dead.

Too many people now think that having a strong online presence is the only tool they need in their back pocket to get ahead in their industry. 

At the end of the day - recruiters still want to see resumes. Hiring managers still expect to read a cover letter. And Presidents and CEO’s are looking to these trusted people in their companies to pass along your information so they can also see that you’re the best fit.

So no - the resume is not dead! In fact, resume are MORE VALUABLE THAN EVER!

Here’s why:

Resumes Are For Interviews

First and foremost, LinkedIn is a networking tool. It is still a social media platform. Your resume is not a networking tool - it is created to help you land and secure and interview.  Resumes are still very much part of the hiring process. They are expected and desired by all recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals.

Resumes Are Tailored

Resumes are still easier to customize to specific industries. You’ll notice on your LinkedIn that you pretty much have to pick one path of networking and leverage that side of your expertise. Sure, you can have a variety of experience, but you can’t [or shouldn’t] create many different LinkedIn profiles. Your heading can only be one thing - your resume can be targeted and altered as many times you need it to be.

Resumes Are Portable

Sure, the number of people who don’t have a smart phone is probably less than those who do. However, your LinkedIn profile is not there for you to whip out on your phone during an interview or during a job fair. You can’t physically give your phone away to that recruiter! But you know what you can do? Hang over a physical copy of your resume. 

Resumes Are Fair

Or at least if you draft them correctly, they should be. Unlinked a LinkedIn profile that has your picture and potential personal information on it, your resume is a far more objectified view of candidates. While we do often suggest that if it’s applicable to your line of work, there is no harm in putting your LinkedIn profile web address on your resume, there is no guarantee that a hiring manager is even going to look at it. You do want them to look at your resume and make a clear and unbiased first impression based on the incredible information you first showed them on this platform - not based on your age or how nice you look in a picture.

So if I were you, don’t ditch your resume! If anything - it’s time to beef it up! Dust off your old jobs, clean up the formatting, and put down all those amazing new accomplishments. You never know when you’re next job opportunity is going to pop up!