16 of Our Favorite Websites to Learn New Skills

If you’re looking to boost your resume without having to take on another job, then amping up your skills is the way to go! This is especially helpful if there are strategic career goals that you have in mind, and want to start leveraging that success a little faster.

We rounded up some of our favorite different types of website platforms, where you can learn new skills from the comfort of your couch - and based on your personal preference! There are 100’s more learning websites out there, but start with these and let us know what you’ve learned!

For creative skills

CreativeLive - This site has amazing classes from some of the leading experts in their fields. Learn everything from photography, design, and even business tips to keep your creative juices profitable.

Adobe TV - Looking to learn more about Photoshop or InDesign? Don’t just try and download it and teach yourself when there are resources available! Adobe TV will walk you through tutorials and manuals to make this easier to learn.

For coding and programming skills

Skillcrush - Even though this is female-focused, Skillcrush is designed to get you learning and professionally coding within 3 months.

Treehouse - Maybe your coding preferences aren’t specific to one area. If you’re looking to build websites, apps, or even video games, Treehouse does a great job of immersing you through real exercises and lessons to get you coding quickly!

CodeAcademy - The original coding education platform! CodeAcademy is always free, and is great for learning HTML, Javascript, and custom CSS.

For your soft skills

Highbrow - This platform will deliver daily lessons directly to your inbox on topics related to happiness, creativity, and so much more.

Coach.me - With great free options available, if you’re looking to establish better habits and need a little guidance along the way, Coach.me will help you stay on track.

For learning new languages

Babbel - As the #1 language learning app in the world, this platform will help you learn new languages in order to have meaningful conversations

Duolingo - One of the free platforms for learning a new language, Duolingo offers daily lessons right to your phone, with an emphasis on grammar.

Lingvist - This platform claims to teach you a new language in 200 hours, so if you’re looking to learn fast, go with Lingvist!

For a little bit of everything

Lynda - One of the first online learning platforms, Lynda creates online video tutorials and walkthroughs to help you learn about a variety of topics, interests, and skills

edX - With over 5 million people using the platform, edX hosts classes by teachers from Harvard to MIT.

Coursera - Some of the worlds best courses from college campuses all over the world are hosted right here on Coursera! You can even gain certificates of completion for every course you finish.

Khan Academy - If you’re looking to learn more about topics ranging from math, science, and art, the Khan Academy has created easy tutorial videos for free and from educators from all over the world.

Udemy - Promoted as the ‘real world skills’ platform, you can browse through over 30,000 courses on this platform with topics ranging from business development to photography.

Not sure where to start? Check out Class Central where you can take a quick assessment to figure out the right path on where to begin your skills journey. This website will tell you where you can learn the most about what you need to know!