you’re burnt out from your job search.

you’re frustrated with the lack of response from applications.

you’re tired of “thanks, but we’ve decided to pursue other candidates which best suit this position” in your inbox.

it’s time for some help!


why elarie?


First things first - we’ve been there too.

From all sides of the situation - we’ve been job seekers who struggled to land positions we figured were a no-brainer. We’ve also been recruiters and hiring managers that struggled to find qualified candidates, but also knew that the people who were sending in resumes had even more potential than they presented.

You have more potential than your job search experience is letting you believe!

This is why we set out to create elarie - to create job seeking programs that allow you to jump right in and fine-tune your already amazing talents in a way that makes you the top candidate.

With our self-study programs and one-on-one guidance with job seeking strategies, networking tips, resume writing, cover letter creation, LinkedIn optimization, full interview preparation, and follow-up techniques, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.



the elarie team


We're a tag team duo helping career minded professionals of all levels land dream jobs across the country, and we love watching our clients succeed! 

With professional backgrounds in Business and Human Resources, we have extensive on-the-job experience in a variety of industries, making our approach to the job search honest, approachable, and unique. 

Our ambition is to help our clients maximize their passions, reach their goals, and feel confident about taking the next big step in their career.

Kayla Liczbinski  Job Seeking Specialist

Kayla Liczbinski
Job Seeking Specialist

Rachele Wright Wilson  Job Seeking Specialist

Rachele Wright Wilson
Job Seeking Specialist



we believe your dreams are worth the extra
effort, and our programs will help you reach them.

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kind words from our clients


"The elarie team’s expert consulting advice was invaluable for me in making a career move. From resume writing, to interview practice, to salary negotiation, they helped with everything. I start my new job at NPR in two weeks, and I could not have done it without them!"

— Jessica K

"I am beyond satisfied with my resume that elarie team did for me! They were timely, had explanations for what they changed, and what they thought I could include or expand upon that would make my resume more meaningful. Their design techniques are great! I would recommend elarie programs to anyone looking to revamp their career!"

— Claudia R

"The elarie team are a class act. They perfectly tailored my resume and helped me create a great cover letter. Within weeks of completing my updated resume I landed 2 interviews and I am now working at a great job! I would recommend their services to anyone!"

— Waleska M


"The elarie team is amazing! I have a completely new resume done in no time at all and I feel like it looks so much more professional! I am now excited to land my ideal job! Thank you!"

— Lana P

"Elarie consulting took time to provide me with tips on how to improve my resume. For a low price, they redesigned my resume, making it look very professional and stand out! They were incredibly easy to work with, and was extremely helpful throughout the process. I would absolutely recommend to anyone to reach out to the elarie team have them rework your resume. I am very pleased with the outcome of my resume and am excited to test it out in the job market!"

— Jordan L

"Elarie consulting didn't just give my resume a makeover, their interview prep also gave me the confidence needed to nail the interview!"

— Brandon W


"Elarie consulting was a huge help. They were professional, thorough, responsive, and adaptable. They seamlessly helped me update my resumé and cover letter within just 2 days, while I was traveling on vacation. I cannot thank them enough for their incredible work!"

— Kate J

"I recently found the need to have my resume updated. I contacted elarie consulting and had the necessary documents immediately. My resume was updated and now has a fresh, new appearance. The work is exemplary, and the service was not only fast, but efficient. I will definitely be recommending them to all my friends and family."

— Maureen D

"Elarie consulting was professional, easy and put me at ease. They made updating my resume so easy and assisted me with how to get back out there. Friendly, professional, and quick!"

— Molly P