Where are you in your career?

Certain career goals require specific paths to success. Select which one applies most to you, and find out your next steps!

I'm Seeking

You're finding yourself cruising job boards on a daily basis to be first in line when a new position shows up.

You feel like you're constantly throwing your resume at a digital dart board in hopes that something will stick, and not having much luck.

You're currently either seeking a new opportunity to start ASAP or are unemployed.

I'm Monitoring

You're occasionally checking out to see what other opportunities are popping up in your career that might interest you.

You'd be happy to take on a new position and find new work, but are not necessarily in a hurry to leave what you're currently doing.

You are currently employed or in a pretty good spot, but are interested in seeing what a new employer may have to offer.

I'm Settled

You're currently not looking into any new positions, and are happy where you're are.

You still enjoy keeping up with what's happening in the job market.

You're currently employed, about to retire, or not concerned about your financial situation. 

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Job hunting can be a long and tedious process.
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